Sunday, November 27, 2011

I recently got rid of my Android based phone, not because I am unhappy with the OS, not because I am unhappy with the service (although Virgin Mobile isn't all that great in this area but it does work in most areas around here.) It's simply because of the battery life on this thing! It's a Samsung Intercept m910, beautiful phone, lots and lots of features, except for that damn battery! I gave up with these super phones. I've had two of them and truthfully I'm sick of these devices. They are kinda' like having a little laptop in your pocket but I have found that they are not worth it.

I don't tweet and I can still do updates to my Facebook with any phone that supports email. I don't need the little apps at all, that's why I have a real computer. I use Google+ mostly now, Google+ is more than just a social site because it is tied in with all the other Google services.

In the start of the social revolution, Myspace was the "thing", and it was good until too many people took it up, at that time Facebook was a welcoming frontier, and it was good for a long while, but now? Nope, now it's just as polluted as MySpace was back in it's heyday and I'm guessing it is on it's way out. That's good news for Google+, it will certainly take the lead in the social site wars.

So what phone did I finally choose? A nice simple $25 per month Net10 (TracFone) LG900G that has awesome battery life, just enough internet features to keep me interested and awesome coverage in the PA & NJ areas that I frequent. It's time to go low-tech for me. I think we should have let our technology mature before busting out the next biggest and brightest ideas but that's just my opinion. Anyway ...

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  1. I was given a Samsung Focus WIndows phone but I'm not sure if I'm going to hold onto it. Like you, I don't need all the bells and whistles and really dont need to be connected to the internet 24/7. And the battery life is awful!!