Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Stumbleupon Logo? Love or Hate It?

Noooo! Whyyyy!

I hate the new logo but I do kinda' like what they did with the rest of the site. I will miss the HTML support in our posts but truthfully, not letting HTML will make the site more uniform for all sorts of devices.

Click here for more info on the changes happening at SU.

Some devices (cell phones mostly) had a problem reading posts that had user supplied HTML in them (I know as fact that mine couldn't generate it properly which made the mobile phone experience a bitch.)

Sooo ... I only have one complaint to file with SU, bring back the nice blue and green logo!! 


  1. being the designer of the old logo, i have mixed feelings while reading this post. it feels great that you likes the old logo, and i also felt slightly sorry to lose it, but earth spins and everything moves on, i guess. :)

  2. Wow, really? Yes I like the old logo much better, especially the color scheme. That orange-y color of the new logo rubs me the wrong way for some reason. The new SU "cut noodle" is okay (albeit small) but I think they should incorporate the colors and gradient from the old logo with the noodle. LOL

  3. Good lord, I hate it. Just googled to see if anyone else agreed. It's all sideways and incomplete-looking. . .and resembles the Adobe two-letter logos too much.

  4. Wow... i agree with you so much... i absolutely hate the new logo, and actually googled it too, the exact words were: "I hate the new stumbleupon logo". The color stresses me out since i have the little button just next to my facebook notifications and its color scheme is just too similar, also the letters look kinda small inside the circle. ugh... Is there somewhere we can vote no to it or something? I loved the old logo... :(

  5. I think the users should have had a say in the matter. I guess it doesn't really matter because the button still does what it does best, serving up great sites push after push. But since this is a community driven app, it would have been nice to have a vote on it.

  6. i could get used to the new design but the color has to be a "new coke" thing it's actually worse than blogspot orange, didn't think it was possible

  7. horrid, googled it too, the old logo was friendly and clear, this new one looks like they were pleased to get a shape that was symmetrical over and above all else.

    looks like a person shrugging? holding hands in air? like a co#k and balls?

    anyway i hate the colour it looks like google gmail red and too indistinct.